Bye, Bye Folks!!!

Alright. As a bunch of you know the site's been cut off access to craigslist's search results a few times already. It sucks, but, eh, such is life. In the past I've done a few things to try and play nicer with craigslist so that subsequent bannings don't happen & that's kinda sorta worked but eventually the site's been banned again.

I really can't "make" craigslist be nice & allow the site access to their feeds. hell, it's their data and they can enforce their TOS any way they want. I could do some shady-ish things but that's a losing battle & something I don't wanna get into.

So, it's time to say good-bye... but, I'm not gonna leave you hanging. As a parting gift I'm leaving you with all the code for this site. It's hacky & crappy but it works. So, go ahead and run the site at home, on your personal machine, for your own personal use.

Download all the source for this site at GitHub

So, thanks to all the folks who emailed me telling me how much they dug the site. I'm glad I was able to help =)

- Arin